Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will take 45 minutes. The Chiropractor will take a thorough case history (this can involve questions in regards to symptoms, medicines, health, lifestyle, injuries, supplements), then a comprehensive examination will be performed (postural analysis, gait, palpation, muscle testing, neurological & orthopaedic examination). If x-rays are required you will be written a referral.

Radiographic Examination: Much information can be gained as to how well or poorly your spine is functioning, and for this reason, X-Rays are performed to assist the Chiropractor in determining whether your spine is structurally sound or whether it has any pathology (disease process) present that may affect or hinder your response to Chiropractic care. Examination of an X-Ray allows the Chiropractor to identify the unique elements of your spine so that we may provide you with the most appropriate care for your spine. X-rays are BULK BILLED by Medicare.

Standard Appointments
Subsequent appointments are usually 10-20 min depending on what techniques you require.